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The Jaguar Club of Southern New England
Your JCNA Affiliate Club for Connecticut, Rhode Island & Western Mass
JCSNE promotes ownership,
operation, preservation
and restoration of
Jaguar automobiles.
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             2023 JCSNE CONCOURS  
2023 JCSNE Concours June 25



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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Who are we?

Welcome to the Jaguar Club of Southern New England, or JCSNE for short. We are an affiliate club of JCNA (Jaguar Clubs of North America) and one of the oldest among the more than 60 JCNA-affiliated Jaguar clubs in the United States and Canada.  We were founded in 1968 by a group of Connecticut Jaguar enthusiasts.

Our nearest neighbor clubs are the Empire Division (Metro NY area); JDCLI, Jaguar Drivers Club of Long Island; JTC, Jaguar Touring Club (Metro NY/NJ/CT); JAG, Jaguar Auto Group (northern NJ) and JANE, Jaguar Association of New England (MA/NH). These are active, enthusiastic groups with whom we interact during their events and our own.

We hold regular club events throughout the year with such events winery tours, trips to museums and local car restoration specialists and 'tech sessions' where we get together at a member's garage to work on our cars.

Annual Car Shows

We hold two car shows annually.

One is the all-British show 2022 British Wheels On The Green which is held at the Farmington Polo club in Connecticut every Fall, and open to all Marques and ages of British Manufactured cars. You may see everything from a 1930s MG to a brand new Aston Martin.   

Additionally, each year JCSNE hosts an annual ‘Concours d'Elegance’ that attracts a field of beautiful examples of the Jaguar marque with competitive classes geared towards both show-quality and ‘driven’ Jaguars.  Here you can peruse photos from our 2023 JCSNE Concours June 25  held at Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT

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JCNA Slalom (Auto Cross)

There are also club racing events at such locations as Lime Rock Park for vintage racing enthusiasts. We also hold JCNA-sanctioned slaloms (similar to Auto Cross) for those who wish to test their car’s performance in a challenging, but safe, environment.  If you've never seen a JCNA slalom, here is a Video of Dean Cusano (JCSNE Member, and national Slalom Champion) in action. Slalom is great fun, and is a motor sport you can get involved in without without overly stressing your car (or yourself).

Regular Monthly Meetings

We hold two meetings every month.

Our commitee meetings are held at the iconic Olympia Diner
on the Berlin Turnpike in Newington, Connecticut, on the 2nd Tuesday each month, but it is best to always check the events calendar for up to the minute information, since meetings are occasionally moved to a different venue. Committee Meetings are informal with brief business discussions as we plan our other events. All members are welcomed to these meetings which are as much social as they are about club business.

We also hold a monthly 'Jags and Java' event on the 3rd Saturday of each month at Mozzicatos in Wallingford, CT. This is an informal get together over pastries and coffee, with plenty of time spent in the parking lot with our cars! Check the events calendar for details. We welcome anyone who's interested in Jaguars or classic British Cars - not just members of the club

Who can Join?
Membership in the Jaguar Club of Southern New England stands at approximately 150+, including men and women of all ages, some not even currently owning a Jaguar. Many are owners have collected a wide variety of models, ranging from the classics to the very latest production models, and often have other 'classic cars in their garages.

Membership Benefits

As a member of JCSNE, you are automatically enrolled as a member of the JCNA parent organization and will receive the bimonthly, full color, glossy publication the Jaguar Journal.

In addition, JCSNE publishes our own bimonthly newsletter,The Spotted Cat  which carries notices of upcoming events of interest to our members, service information, articles by fellow enthusiasts and experts, and both commercial and free classified advertising.  The current issue of the newsletter, in color, is always viewable (and downloadable) on our web site, and members can also choose to have a black & white copy mailed to their home for an additional charge to cover reproduction, postage and handling.

One of the best ways to enjoy your Jaguar is to consider membership in a Jaguar club. Being a club member and interacting with other enthusiasts, you’ll learn valuable information on maintaining, rebuilding, or restoring your Jaguar, and where to find the best parts sources and related services.  Several members also swap parts and services with each other, to their mutual benefit.

Tour the public side of our web site to get a feel for our club’s activities and interests. Check out  the Why Join? page for a description of the additional content you’ll find on the member side of our web site. We hope your interest in Jaguars and this brief description of the club will encourage you to attend our next meeting. If you find our club to be your 'cup o' tea', then by all means Join JCSNE . You'll find us friendly and helpful, and we are sure that you'll enjoy membership in JCSNE.

If you have any questions about JCSNE and/or JCNA, please Contact Us  for more information.

...The Officers, BoD and Staff of JCSNE

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